Customer-centric logistics: Rail freight to China via Poland with CHS

High-level customer orientation is always emphasised in logistic processes – but especially if some unexpected turns occur during the way. That was the case in last November when CHS received an order from its customer for urgent guaranteed delivery to the city of Suihua in Northeast China.

The freight, which contained 200 tons of chemical industry goods located in Kotka, Finland, was initially supposed to be transported to our clients’ customer via recently opened Helsinki-Hefei freight train route – leaving on 7th of November.

Unfortunately, the freight never took off from Helsinki by railway since the train was cancelled at the last moment because the amount of freight didn’t reach the minimum requirement of 41 containers.

New transportation was arranged on a fast schedule

Through its partner network, CHS immediately began to look at alternative transportation options for urgent delivery. CHS’s operations supervisor Liisa Ruojärvi says that a suitable route to the Far East was quickly found with the help of a Chinese collaborator.

“Our sales team contacted our Chinese partner with whom we had previously cooperated. Together we considered various options until we found an alternative route through Poland, which was fast enough to allow the freight to be at China on time.”

In Kotka, 200 tons of bulk bags were loaded to trucks which headed back to Poland on 12-14th of November. In the city of Poznań, Western Poland, the freight was shifted to 10 containers for rail transportation on 22th of November. Approximately two weeks later the goods arrived in Zhongshan, China, and local distribution and dealer networks handled the final part of the trip to Suihua. In the end, the freight reached the end user in good time before the deadline.

Staying on schedule was critical as the delays would have caused significance productivity setbacks for customers’ factory. Despite the unexpected challenges, CHS’s solution orientation and fast reactivity were crucial factors for a successful logistic process. Through our customer-centric approach and worldwide network of contacts, we’re always aiming to find the best possible freight solutions – also in urgent and variable circumstances.