Demanding shipment by air from Finland to Singapore handled by CHS

CHS took care of a demanding shipment of technical equipment by air from Finland to Singapore at the turn of July-August.

Our French co-operation partner has a key customer specialized in microchips and smart cards, who needed transportation of two big and valuable technical appliances by air from their Finnish production unit. The preference was for CHS to arrange for the packing too. Already the measurements and weights of the appliances were challenging. Other requirements for the packing were suitability to air transportation and protection from humidity and other damages. As it often happens, the timetable was tight.

Upon investigating the packing, it became very soon clear that in a standard packing the shipment would be too wide for even transportation by truck. Moreover, road freight in Europe would in this case require special permits. With the help of CHS’ co-operation partner and specialist in packing, the Finnish company Nefab, it was possible to shrink the packing in such a way that all requirements for the strengths of the package were met and the transportation by air was possible.

During the entire process CHS was in close contact with the French co-operation partner and the shipment was transported reliably to the destination in Singapore according to the tight schedule.