Packing is all-important – with a strong impact on transportation costs

Do you take care of packing your products for transportation? Who is responsible for optimising and planning consignments in your company?

When we think about the efficiency and optimisation of consignments, we all too often disregard the effect of packing on the total costs in the delivery chain. Experience has shown that efficient and purposeful packing, which also takes into account environmental consequences, clearly reduces freight costs.

CHS takes care of the cost-efficiency of your consignments

The CHS’ experts and trusted forwarders help our customers’ purchasing and logistics professionals in making plans for transportation, freight, and the costs involved. A well-chosen packing solution for each consignment ensures the efficiency of transportation and brings home the benefits. In the choice of the correct packing solution different transportation options and packing materials are evaluated with the help of packaging experts.

Our strategic partner in packaging

CHS works in close co-operation with our chosen packaging partner Nefab, which has manufactured packaging globally since 1949. Together with Nefab, CHS guarantees our customers access to state of the art packaging know-how, which is available for tailored export consignments, re-usable packaging over several transportation cycles, long-term packaging as well as comprehensive packing solutions – and naturally, the packing materials involved.