Professional operations are key in temperature-controlled transports

CHS offers temperature-controlled logistic solutions for the needs of food industry, medical industry as well as for life science and clinical research. These temperature-, humidity-, and time-sensitive transportations are handled flexibly and reliably by air.  In the logistics processes with foodstuffs, the strict control of the temperature is central in safeguarding quality and hygiene. Good working co-operation will guarantee a successful result, where quality and efficiency are the outcome of an uninterrupted supply chain. A flexible transport network, functioning warehousing and storage, as well as modern data systems guarantee the correct handling and timely delivery of the consignments through our supply chain.

Versatile transport options

The cleanliness of the Finnish nature and the superfoods provided by our forests are well-known worldwide. Business Finland organises Food from Finland –shows and events around the world, in whose success the professionally handled temperature-controlled logistics plays an important role.  When food products travel to China, Dubai, or all the way to Japan, it is most important that they arrive at the destination on time and in faultless condition. We offer our customers several different transport options with temperatures starting from liquid nitrogen (-196 °C) to room temperature (+15 – +25 °C). The professional service in temperature-controlled and life science logistics in CHS is in the hands of Jason Kelppe, who will take your order, pack the consignments if needed in a dedicated space, and make sure that it will arrive at the destination on time and is transported in the correct temperature.

CHS now a part of WCA Pharma –network

CHS has already for a long time been a part of the worldwide WCA logistics network, which with its 6800 members is the world’s largest network of forwarding companies. CHS also joined on 25.05.2018 in the WCA Pharma -network, which aims at bringing together the companies offering temperature-controlled transportations. To fulfil the strict quality requirements of WCA and WCA Pharma, all forwarding companies applying their membership must be among the best in their field. CHS handles all life science shipments adhering to the GDP rules set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU).

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