Temperature-controlled logistics

CHS offers temperature-controlled air freight solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and clinical research industries.

Our effective supply chain is built on an agile transportation network, professional warehousing operations, advanced information systems, and an extranet service with no additional costs. Also, our information systems can be easily integrated in the customers’ own business management systems.

Our services

  • Temperature-controlled shipments
    o    Food items – fresh and frozen
    o    Live animals
    o    Pharmaceuticals
    o    Reagents, clinical trial and laboratory samples
    o    Hazardous substances
    o    Radioactive chemicals
  • Transport temperatures, options
    o    Room temperature        +15 – +25 °C
    o    Refrigerated                       +2 –  +8 °C
    o    Frozen                                          -18 °C
    o    Dry ice                                          -79 °C
    o    Liquid nitrogen                         -196 °C
  • Shipments of dry ice and packaging material
  • Re-labelling and re-packing
  • Forwarding
  • Collection and storage
  • Door-to-door service
  • Courier service

CHS can help you solve your transportation challenges connected with sensitivity to temperature, humidity or time.